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 From plants to rock, storage containers and more.. We got what you need
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We also sell, and install heavy duty shelving that spans 8 feet between uprights, and are rated at 1900 lbs per 2 load beams
Standard shipping containers are almost always available in 20 foot length, 40 foot length, and are 8 foot wide. They are available in standard 8 1/2 foot tall and High cube 9 1/2 foot tall. Almost always available are 45 foot length, 8 foot wide and 9 1/2 foot tall. At certain times, we may have 48 foot length, and 53 foot length that are 8 1/2 foot wide, by 9 1/2 foot tall. We also install wind turbins and lockboxes. Removal of all decals and painting of your choice is available, and makes for a professional looking paint job or we can clean and prep container and paint over decals at a reduced price. Lighter colors as Tan and White, are recommended in extreme heat as they reduce heat build up inside container.

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New (1-Trip), or used containers are readily available. We also offer certified with certificate shipping containers for overseas shipping. Certificate is good for one year. Double doors (Doors at both ends), Side opening and specialty Storage containers 10 foot length, 30 foot length, or any length you want can be made. We do our own local deliveries on tilt bed trucks, or to save money, if you have a way to unload (crane or large forklift) you can save money as they will be brought directly to you on a flatbed truck from LA, California. But the downside to this is, you cannot choose your container, as you can at our yard in Yuma, AZ.
Service is our specialty.
Refrigerated containers are available working and non-working. Our working units require 440/3 phase, or a converter can be installed so they will run on 240/3 phase. Working units have a 60 day warranty on major problems. The warranty is for a 75 mile radius of Long Beach, CA. If further you will need to truck back at your expense. Thermal/King or carrier machinery available.
Large inventory in stock. Ready to be delivered, or have your truck pick up and save. We will load on your truck for free. Purchase 4 or more of any size container and save even more. For large purchases of 20 to 100 containers, volume pricing is available. Our freight rates on standard flatbed, and stepdeck trailers are very reasonable as long as they are unloaded in 30 minutes or less with crane or large forklift.
Charlie just couldn't contain himself!
We have a large inventory of Flagstone, Boulders, Trees, Bushes, Tumbled glass, PVC Pipe and Fittings, Sand & Gravel, Bagged Cement, ABC, Fertilizers, and all types of landscaping supplies.
We are located at: 4405 S. Avenue A, Yuma AZ 85365
Shipping container yard is located at: 4491 S. 4th Avenue,  Yuma AZ 85365
This is our Camoutainer container. Inside of here is a 20 foot length, (1-Trip) shipping container. Would you have ever known? With this outer shell and extra roof, the container is kept cooler in Yuma's extreme heat, because it is in the shade. It is also very pleasing to the eye. We can do any type of mural, lettering or just about any idea you have so that it matches your house or property. Also, we manufacture 18"x18" by 4" thick rebar reinforced concrete pads to set the 4-ISO corner post on to keep container up off the ground, so as not to rust. Our experienced drivers will level and install concrete pads for a minimal fee. It is very important that all containers are leveled so cargo doors operate properly.
ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Never buy a container because of PRICE before seeing it. We at Yuma Nursery Supply brings in only good quality used shipping containers. Very important is to check underneath to be sure that the cross members are in tact. After many years of service on the open seas, these hard working shipping containers have taken a beating. Some have seen more severe weather conditions than others. We have found that some 7-10 years old are far worse off than some that are 15-20 years old. Our supplier in Southern California continuously, before shipping to us rejects at least 1 container for every 1 container we receive because of severe rust, cross members completely gone, warped doors, rotted floors, severe holes from loading damage, and makes sure that we sell only good used quality shipping containers for our customers.
Used shipping containers come in many colors.
Partial view of the Stone & Rock yard at Yuma Nursery Supply
Our shelving crew just finished installing a 32' foot  shelving on both sides of a 40' foot container. Job well done! They deserve a rest.